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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Skill Training 2 - Intermediate

So I have given an overview of skill training but I would like to expand a little more on what else I have learnt in my time in EvE. This post will break down the skill training into 3 different categories to give you a better grounding to work from.

Core Skills: These skills I would consider are essential that you at least research and understand as they are the grounding for future endeavours and can have a significant impact on your ability to pursue a particular career path. They have an effect on various core components of your ship no matter which ship you choose to fly or career path you take. They are also skills that you will be "required" to have in the future as you progress through into flying more advanced ships. These are the skills I research and prioritise early once I have the essential skills I need to pursue my intended career path. I will also ignore some of these initially where it will have no impact on my future plans. ie. specialising in Caldari shield tanking ships may mean I never choose to pursue Repair Systems or at least delay this until needed.

Capacitor Systems Operation: Reduced recharge time for capacitor (significantly affects your stability)
Capacitor Management: Additional capacitor capacity (significantly affects your stability)
Navigation: Opens up various other navigational skills
Jury Rigging: Opens up various other specialised rigging skills
Science: Opens up various other specialised science capabilities
Spaceship Command: Opens up various specialised spaceship skills
Shield Operation: Basic shield repair skills (you may want to skip this initially if you are focused on armor repair)
Mechanics: Opens up various specialised skills and adds additional structure hit points
Repair Systems: Basic Armor repair skills (you may want to skip this initially if you are focused on shield repair)
Drones: Basic Drone use capability and enable the specialisation of drone types.
Corporation Management: Allows the basic control of a corporation
Gunnery: Basic Gunnery skills for turrets
Leadership: Basic Leadership skills for leading fleets
Missile Launcher operation: Basic Missile launcher operation
Cybernetics: Allows the use of Implants
Industry: Basic Industry Skills for those interested in and industry career path
Mining: Basic Mining capability
Astrometrics: Basic exploration or scanning capability
Social: Increases your standing with NPCs
Target Management: Allows multiple targets to be selected
Trade: Increases your ability to have additional Buy and Sell orders

Fitting Skills: These skills have a significant effect on what you are able to fit on your ship. Again do your research as some may specifically relate to fitting bonuses that you may never need. You may not need to consider this if you never intend to get in a fight or don't need to maximise what you utilise in your ships and are pursuing other career paths first but at least understand what these are.

Powergrid Management: Increased powergrid availability
CPU Management: Increased cpu availability
Specialised Rigging: Carefully review your rigs and ensure that you understand the drawbacks associated with them. Each level of Launcher Rigging for example reduces the drawbacks by 10%. When you look at adding rigs to your ship that increase missile damage they typically have a drawback that increases the cpu usage of your fitted missile launchers!
Weapon Upgrades: Reduced CPU requirement for weapons.
Advanced Weapon Upgrades: This is often overlooked early on but should be considered particulary if you are trying to fit the best offensive modules on your ship Reduces the powergrid needs by up to 10% at level 5.
Energy Grid Upgrades: Reduces the CPU cost of modules that require this skill
Electronics Upgrades: Reduces the CPU cost of modules that require this skill
Shield Upgrades: Reduces the Powergrid cost of modules that require this skill

Hopefully I haven't missed anything glaringly obvious but I am writing most of these off the top of my head and by looking at my own characters.

Other Skills: There are many more skills and these will really specialise on your intended career path. You may want to miss a lot of what I have listed above if you only intend to trade in a station but at least you have a little more direction and clarity around some of the more ship orientated skill requirements.

PS: This is based on my experience and I generally like to fly around and shoot things efficiently.

Remember, fly dangerous, I can see my house from here!

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a valuable post on skills. Everyone must have Management Skills for high paying jobs and global exposure.