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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What have I done so far in EvE

There is so much to do in EvE and I have in no way experienced all. This post will go over my experience to date and I will look at my future plans in another post.

Highsec: I have lived half my time in EvE in Highsec. I have completed numerous missions to enable me to obtain access to clones. I have completed the Caldari Epic Arc missions on at least 3 occassions mostly for the rewards. I have done an extreme amount of exploring and doing DED sites (in my opinion this is the most fun I have and the most rewarding in Highsec). I have traded rather unsuccessfully, time invested was not worth the reward. Didn't actually lose isk but found that exploration was way more effective. I joined RvB and lost a few ships in PvP (well mostly lost!). Done some mining early on but never really got into it. Have run escalations from DED sites (refer my previous post about "Most devastating time in EvE!).

Lowsec: Mostly exploration including DED sites that are found within Lowsec and some Highsec escalations that have taken me there. Never really lived in low. Took a few ships out here and there to stir up the locals and get myself killed every now and then. Faction Warfare interests me as well so have that on my "to do" list and have been building a character specifically for it. Was even looking for an active AU Timezone Caldari Faction Warfare Corp when I instead found a Nullsec corp who was recruiting some additional players.

Nullsec: Have dabbled in a few Anomalies, usually just to see what's in there. Mostly exploration and running Data and Relic sites. Broke through a couple of gate camps but mostly died to them depending on what I was flying at the time. I have actually just joined a Nullsec corp and plan to expand on my knowledge and experience in this area. I actually think it is an opportune time to start a Nullsec trial as there are rather significant incoming changes to Nullsec that will likely stir up the locals out there and in turn hopefully create some interesting new content.

Wormholes: Basically the other 50% of my time in EvE. I started by running a drake through C1 wormholes to get a feel for it, got blown up a couple of times and then moved in with our corp to a C2. We quickly outgrew this and settled in a C3 which is where we were when I took my last break. Went on a few PvP roams depending on where our connections led to but generally just built up my funds by running the anomalies and scanning down sites and clearing them. I made a lot of Isk in these sites and to date has been my favourite place to live. Not sure how I would go moving back in there with all the recent changes but may well end up back in there once I have seen whether Nullsec and Lowsec can offer me anything new.

I have found a niche I enjoy in EvE which is Wormholes but I haven't exposed myself to other areas so can't definitively say what I want to do yet. I am going to give Null and Lowsec their chance to shine. I am also considering Industry and Manufacturing at some point in the future most likely on an alt.. Scamming is definitely not my thing so unlikely to try that but do whatever floats your boat!

Remember, fly dangerous, try everything at least once! (Except for scamming, that's just mean .......)

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