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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

CCP - EvE is a Great Game

This post was not originally planned for my initial run of 10 posts but I am feeling the need to put in my 2 cents.

I am an avid podcast listener and as I travel an hour to and from work every day I get a good opportunity to listen to various opinions on Eve from Wormhole PvP through to Highsec Carebears and Nullsec Alliances. I also read a few blogs when I get a chance.

What concerns me, and this is no way "across the board", is that there are a lot of people out there that are extremely critical of CCP. I struggle to comprehend this general consensus that CCP is badly run and are constantly making critical mistakes. It is easy to be critical of someone when you don't walk in their shoes.

Now I am not looking to get free game time or become a member of the CSM for all those conspiracy theorists out there but what I wanted to put out for discussion is the reasoning behind this public negative attitude towards CCP. I am well aware of some glaringly obvious scenarios such as the failure of World of Darkness and peoples also general view that Dust 514 did not meet the expectations of the community upon release. I personally see both of these as learnings for CCP as an organisation and as I wasn't involved in the actual decisions around how these were produced or why they were shut down after a rather large investment I don't feel the need to judge CCP for their decisions.

One of my previous managers once said to me "There will always be whinging, it's the level of whinging that you need to pay attention to". This comment was one of those moments in my life in which I had an epiphany about the psychology of us as humans and I see this quite evident in the psychology of EvE players as well.

For example, if people in an office are whinging about the colour of the carpet then that is not really a major concern for management. It is likely noted and when the time comes for new carpet it may well be considered that engaging with the staff about colour choice might be good for morale. But when the whinging relates to a virus in the computer system that is changing everyone's password 12 times a day and having a detrimental effect on their ability to do their jobs then this needs to be dealt with straight away. These are extreme examples of both ends of the spectrum and there needs to be someone or a group of someones that determine what priorities need to be met first. CCP are those someones where it relates to EvE.

Now as everyone knows CCP has limited resources. They need to monitor these types of issues closely and prioritise them appropriately. All I can say is before you be quite so critical and abuse CCP staff how about you consider all the hard work they have put into this game over the last 10 years. Take a step back and look what they have created as a whole and appreciate what it has become. Change is necessary for evolution and yes people and corporations make mistakes but how else would you learn? How else do you get better at what you do? Sometimes you need to go offtrack to realise you actually need to refocus.

Personally I love what CCP have created and I fully appreciate all the effort that has gone into the creation, maintenance and improvement of this game and will continue subscribing when time, funds and opportunity permit.

Constructive criticism can be so useful but how about suggesting a viable solution to the issues at hand along with your criticisms and providing this to CCP to allow them to assess and pursue those most critical to their current priorities. I have heard some awesome suggestions out there but more often then not it seems to be all about the negatives.

Lets make a change and push for the discussion of more positive aspects of the game, lets help CCP bring more subscribers to the game rather than give people an impression that maybe they shouldn't invest in this game like no other.

CCP keep up the good work.

Remember, fly dangerous, EvE is fun!

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