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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Introduction - Who is Mhrdhr!

Let me start with a little history about Mhrdhr as a player! I don't mean to bore you but hey this is all about me......

First MMO - Horizons (Basically a predecessor to WoW for those that aren't familiar)
         This is what hooked me on MMOs. It is also where the name Mhrdhr originated from! In this game you had the ability to play as a dragon as well as many human classes. I chose the dragon and decided on a colour which very closely resembled flesh to ensure I was different from everyone else. I also chose the name Mhrdhr as in my mind it was the way a dragon would say Murder.
         So I thought the name was cool but my flesh coloured dragon had its own issues. Let me expand on this a little. Horizons dragons achieved adulthood at a certain point in their development. I was so excited to reach this point as it opened up so many abilities and I almost couldn't contain myself when the time finally came. This was my first major let down in my MMO history. When my character transformed into an adult dragon the colouring changed to PINK! Not just pink but bloody HOT PINK. The shame was unbearable, particularly as my main off combat skill set was in picking herbs or some such.
Mhrdhr the hot pink, flower picking dragon. I nearly gave up on the spot. My manliness took a big hit that day!

Second MMO - WoW (I don't know too many gamers that have not delved into the depths of World of Warcraft)
         Not going to harp on about my WoW days but damn did I sink a lot of time into this before I found EvE. I actually still have an active account for my kids but I must say I look fondly back on my experience in this game and met some awesome people who have now become lifelong friends. I was a quality PVE'r in my day and really was lucky enough to experience some of the top level content offered in this game.
         Most importantly this is where I found out about EvE. A big shout out to Unreal Realities (our guild in WoW and additionally our corp in EvE) and a special mention to Vok, Ward, Rethel and Rum who are all awesome people some of whom remain in WoW and others have transitioned over to EvE.

Other MMOs - I have tried many others but they were really just not worth mentioning here, they didn't catch my long term attention.

Finally the subject at hand, EVE.
         This is what this blog is about. I have 10 posts planned initially and I will see how it performs from a public interest point of view and additionally how I perform from both a time and content value point of view.
         My oldest account is 2009 and I have had and extended break on two occasions. The first was due to the learning curve but the second was due to some issues at hand in the real world that required some attention. I am an experienced Caldari missioner (Highsec), explorer (Null, Low and Highsec), and lived in a WH with our corp for most of my time in EvE prior to my last break. I have an excellent Tengu pilot that makes up for my lack of skills with his own, and excellent scout, and a minimal sp character who is about to be focused on Caldari FW, now I don't want anyone to get to high an expectation, I can't win it all back alone! I will however, likely regularly take one for the team.
         I am now managing to get a little free time here and there to delve back in and as such have just been playing it safe for now and concentrating on exploration (yes I do visit Null sec) and LvL 4 missions again and enjoying playing skill queue online.

         My next Blog on this site will be titled - Most Exciting Time in EvE, stay tuned, it may be a little more interesting!
On a side note: This is my first attempt at a blog so constructive criticism is welcome (I have broad shoulders) and I look forward to interacting with the community. I am also learning exactly how blogs work so bare with me a little if there are issues with the site and how it is currently setup.
Remember, fly dangerous, it makes other people happy.

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