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Monday, 22 September 2014

Most Devastating Time in EvE

Again so many to choose from, I will actually focus on two fail examples here in the same type of ship!

During my time in EvE I have lost many ships but two examples of how I lost these ships were rather more embarrassing then some others. I actually consider myself an efficient Pve'r and due to the enormous amount of resource out there this is not that difficult to achieve with a little research. You are going to lose ships in PvP, Pve on the other hand .....

Loss 1
Environment: Gallente Space Highsec
Activity: Exploration (Escalation)
Flying: Tengu (rather high cost fitting as I considered myself "safe")

Now Tengu's are the Caldari based Tech 3 Cruiser which are generally missile based dps and active shield tanked. I had a pretty standard fit which was pimped out so I could lazily explore and complete DED sites back before these got banned from entering the gates. All Tech 3 ships (one for each race) are arguably considered to be one of the most versatile ships in the game, to the point where some people actually won't use them as they consider them overpowered and "easy mode". They can also be rather *cough* expensive.

So I had been flying this for awhile now as I had built my skill set up to efficiently clear C3/C4 class wormhole sites with a few colleagues. When no one else was around I would do some exploration or Caldari Level 4 missions for some isk. These were extremely easy with my T3 and character's skill set.

So here I am clearing a few DED exploration sites in Caldari space and as experienced explorers would know sometimes you get yourself an escalation. This is where you clear a site and once cleared you are advised that another mission has been identified in which you are the only person that can complete it. These are also easy given the ship I was using. They give you a good chance of additional loot so they are worth doing.

An escalation generally takes you 5 jumps from where you currently are and may or may not escalate further. On this occasion I had completed the first escalation and was flying through highsec towards my second destination when without warning I jumped through a gate and a notification came up on my screen saying something like "Mhrdhr, you are not welcome in Gallente space, leave now or will will take action".

HOLY SHIT! what is going on. In about .3 of a second it all clicked. As I had been doing Caldari missions I had been killing Gallente ships which had in turn given me a negative rating with the Gallente race. The negative rating had become so bad that if I flew into Gallente space I was considered an enemy and would be shot by the NPC police.

Ok so this being my first time experiencing this issue I had to make a quick choice. I did not know the mechanics of how this worked and as such I really had 2 possibilities. I chose not to warp to somewhere else in the system as this would only put me "deeper" in Gallente space likely getting me killed for sure. So I made the choice to burn back to the gate and try to get back through into Caldari controlled space and safety.

As I quickly found out this was not the correct choice, I was about halfway back with absolutely all of my shields turned on and afterburner going flat out to get to the gate when the NPC police targeted me, webbed me to slow me down and absolutely smashed my poor T3 into dust. Given that my fit was set up to specifically defend against only 2 damage types I really had no chance.

Pro tip...... you can warp through "NPC enemy space" so long as you keep moving (DO NOT auto pilot!). In essence what I should have done was warp to another location in the system and warped back to the gate at 0 and jumped straight through.

My in game wallet and my internet feelings took a fair hit that day.

Loss 2
Environment: C4 Wormhole - connected to our home C3
Activity: PvE farming clearing anomalies
Flying: Tengu (rather high cost fitting as I had made a lot of isk and was showing off to my corpmates)

Its as simple as this. When you are flying with corpmates and take your most expensive ship out of the corp hanger in dangerous space to do PvE don't fall asleep at the keyboard!

For whatever reason (from memory something appeared on D-Scan, indicating a possible hostile force) our team clearing the last site for the night decided to get out of the wormhole we were in and dock up. Now it was roughly 1:30am local time and I had had a long week with more than a few late nights. There were plenty of NPC sleepers in the site we were clearing but at the point of our leader calling out to head home I had face planted on the keyboard and was out cold, headset still on. I woke to people screaming over the voice coms that I needed to get out, all a little too late, my Tengu was capped out, warp scrambled and into armour with heavy dps incoming. In the 5 seconds it took me to assess the situation I had lost another Tengu. I was so excited by this I said only two things over coms. Firstly I stated in a monotone voice "I  *^#&$  fell asleep" and secondly I stated that "I am done for the evening" and promptly logged off (after warping my pod back to our home). Yes there were some tears that night but I was just tired OK. For my corpmates it was a funny end to the evenings adventures.

A big shout out to Ward who went back and salvaged what was left of my ship and gave me 500mill worth of goodies back that had luckily survived the explosion.

There you go, two of my best failures for all to see, please learn from them as I have.

Remember, fly dangerous, PvE is hard!

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