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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Longinius Spear

I was disappointed just the other day to see one of my favourite podcasters choose to leave EvE. I can only hope that he hasn't gone forever but I do fully respect his choice to leave the game for whatever reason that may be. I wanted to put this out there so that he can see that the effort he put in to the game of Eve when not griefing other Wormholers had a positive effect on the game as a whole. To be honest I think his playstyle added much to the risk vs reward element of Eve online and I had no issues whatsoever with how he interacted with other players online.

I may be biased as he is a fellow Aussie but I just liked his eternal optimism (hmmmm, probably wasn't quite so eternal!) and the fact that he took all the changes on board with generally good humour. He had a very unique view on how he played Eve, he was pretty evil in game on occassion, but I just got the feeling he was a good bloke.

I was a bit taken aback by his recent posts on his blog and his choice to take things personally but I also respect his choice to take a stand on something he feels so strongly about.

What I take from this relates somewhat to my previous post. People invest so much in this game it can almost become a job, For some they may actually spend more time on Eve then working. If I have invested 10 years in a company, given and continue to give my all, and then all of a sudden been treated with disrespect I will lose my %^#*. I think Spear invested a lot in Eve. Communication over the internet is a very subjective medium. You have to be very careful about what you say as it can be taken in many different ways depending on how that reader perceives what you have put forward. For example, IF I WAS TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS most people would presume I am shouting but maybe I just have an eyesight problem and this is how I am required to effectively communicate.

It doesn't take much for someone to be pushed over the edge if they are only a meter away, with EvE it is my opinion that for a component of the player base the longer you play the closer to the edge you get until all of a sudden there is just ..... space (pun not intended).

Eve is a game you invest in so much, it is difficult to enjoy without investing time and effort so it actually becomes part of your life for the majority of players. I love it, but I have taken a couple of extended breaks. This game just keeps drawing people back in. I hope it draws Longinius Spear back to the fold. You will be missed mate.

Remember, fly dangerous, Eve is real!

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